Anesthesiology Errors

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Anesthesiology Errors

We take safe anesthesia for granted as a part of many medical procedures. But just as the surgical knife always poses some degree of risk, so does the pharmacopoeia of anesthetic drugs.

Maximum Compensation for Anesthesiologist Negligence

Some anesthesia errors are due to omission or inattention, but the consequences can be extremely severe, leading to brain damage, poisoning or death. Patients can stop breathing, experience heart attack or stroke, or harm themselves thrashing due to unalleviated pain. Anesthetic gases have been known to burst into flame, causing severe burns.

These errors are especially appalling because they are simply the result of inattention:

  • Administering drugs that the patient is allergic to
  • Administering drugs that are contraindicated to present prescriptions
  • Administering the wrong dosage

Other serious errors are the result of poor planning or inadequate monitoring of equipment.

Hartford and Upper Connecticut Valley Anesthesia Errors Attorney

Watts Law Firm, P.C., of Woodstock, VT, is a leading Vermont tort lawyer in the area of medical malpractice and anesthesia error. We invite you to call Jennifer Meagher and tell us your story and how you believe it happened. If the case seems solid, we will explore every facet of it, fashioning a sound strategy to prove your claim.

Representing Vermont in Medical Malpractice Cases

Our goal is to prove that negligence has occurred. We will try to prove how the anesthesia error has affected your health. We will be fully prepared for trial, if litigation becomes necessary. We have been successful in obtaining compensation in challenging cases requiring deep experience and encyclopedic legal skill.

Was someone you love injured by an anesthesiologist error? If so, call Vermont anesthesiology mistakes attorney Norman Watts at (802) 457-1020.

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